Classical Media

OPM provides DMEM, RPMI 1640 and other classical media with stable quality, flexible production capacity and fast delivery time. This medium is intended for large scale manufacturing of therapeutic biomolecules, as well as for research purposes.


Product characteristics:

  • Large-scale production capacity in compliance with GMP standards
  • Stable, batch-to-batch consistent quality
  • Fast and stable lead time
  • Flexible, professional and reliable technical service
Product Information
Name Cat No. Form Volume Type SDS Description
DMEM P150509 Dry powder 50L High-glucose Basal Medium  
DMEM Basal Medium(1X) P081702-001 Liquid 1000mL High-glucose Basal Medium  
DMEM/F12 P233712 Liquid 1000mL Basal Medium  
RPMI 1640 DPM C211640 Dry powder 100L Basal Medium  
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OPM products have been cited as follows
  • Does OPM offer cell culture media for hybridoma cells?
    • HybriSFM-P1B is a serum-free medium specially designed and developed for hybridoma cells, suitable for high-density suspension culture and expression of recombinant proteins/antibodies. Please don't hesitate to contact us for detailed technical consultation.

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