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Animal-free hybridoma cell culture medium

HybriSFM-P1B cell culture medium is a serum-free medium with low-concentration protein, specially designed for the growth of high density hybridoma cells. This medium supports high density suspension culture of different hybridoma cells and protein antibody expression. It is L-glutamine free and it can be customized according to customer needs.

Product Information
Name Cat No. Form Volume Type SDS Description
HybriSFM-P1B  DPM H091801-050 Dry powder 50L Serum-free Medium  
HybriSFM-P1B  DPM H091801-010 Dry powder 10L Serum-free Medium  
HybriSFM-P1B H081801-001 Liquid 1000mL Serum-free Medium  
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  • Does OPM offer cell culture media for hybridoma cells?
    • HybriSFM-P1B is a serum-free medium specially designed and developed for hybridoma cells, suitable for high-density suspension culture and expression of recombinant proteins/antibodies. Please don't hesitate to contact us for detailed technical consultation.

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