Antibody Discovery

  • Hybridoma selection
  • scFv selection
  • off-rate screening/selectin for high-affinity antibody
  • Epitope mapping
  • Protein-small molecule interaction

CMC analytics and quality control

  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Ligand-receptor interactions
  • Complement receptor-antibody binding activity



  • Gather interaction and affinity data from label-free biomolecules in real time
  • Access a wide range of analytical capability: from small molecules to complex biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, DNA, and complexes of such
  • Ultra-sensitive and accurate quantification of biomolecules


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  • Extensive experience from 120+ accomplished client projects
  • Track record: 100% of projects have been accomplished within the expected timeframe
  • State-of-the-art, internationally recognized hardware and software equipment
  • Fully meet NMPA/FDA audit requirements
Transient Expression of antibodies / recombinant proteins

Quickly get your antibody or recombinant protein transiently expressed for your studies

  • Antibody Discovery
  • CMC analytics and quality control

Affinity analysis, selection and sorting – provides critical references for selection of candidate molecules

Octet kinetic data analysis of antibodies and target proteins in hybridoma supernatant. Results have been used for selection of the right antibody candidates.

Antibody-antigen affinity analysis and sorting

Biacore protein-protein interaction analysis: kinetic data between proteins analyzed using multi-cycle (left) and single-cycle (right) methods. According to the numerical value, different affinity strengths can be sorted.

Epitope mapping – efficiently recognize and analyze antibody-antigen binding sites

Epitope mapping by Octet: cross binning between 6 antibodies

Antibody - small molecule interaction

Biacore protein-small molecule interaction analysis: 300D of molecular weight, DMSO used for better solubility

Antibody - antigen interaction

Biacore affinity analysis shows kinetic data between antibodies and target proteins.

Protein - protein interaction

Biacore affinity analysis of antibody and Fc receptor. The upper graph shows kinetic data between candidate antibodies and neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn). The bottom graphs show affinity data between antibodies and CD16a.

Ligand - receptor interaction

Octet affinity analysis of antibody and complement component 1q (C1q). The graph shows kinetic data between candidate antibodies and C1q.

Transient expression of antibodies & recombinant proteins

Rapidly get your antibody or recombinant protein transiently expressed for your in vivo studies. Expression systems: HEK293 & CHO cell lines.

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