• Extensive experience in cell line development using different CHO host cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHOZN, CHO-S, and CHO DG44
  • Extensive experience in cell line development for stable expression of bispecific antibodies and fusion proteins.
  • 300 m2 facility, Class D cleanroom. 6 separate cell culture rooms and 1 common operating area
  • Equipped with Solentim's Cell Metric single-cell imaging equipment. The clonality imaging complies with FDA’s requirements for IND submission
  • Equipped with automated monoclonal plating device Solentim's VIPS and high-throughput Octet RED 96 system for higher screening efficiency
  • 200m2 GMP cell banking facility, Class C cleanroom, equipped with automatic cell freezing systems
  • Gas phase storage system, 24/7 monitoring and remote alarm system
Cell line development procedure
OPM products have been cited as follows
  • Improvement of Biophysical Properties and Affinity of a Human Anti-L1CAM Therapeutic Antibody through Antibody Engineering Based on Computational Methods

    Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Jun 22;22(13):6696.
Case Study

Using OPM's platform fed-batch cell culture process that is not optimized for specific antibodies or recombinant proteins, the average expression level of accomplished client projects has reached above 4.4 g/L. Sample shown in the graph include monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies and fusion proteins. During single clone selection processes, quality attributes are gradually taken into consideration to ensure that selected clones meet both productivity and quality requirements.

Vector design for bispecific antibodies - Optimal theoretical combination obtained through proportional design of gene cassettes and adjustment of key elements
Transfection design - Optimal peptide chain ratio achieved by considering different transcription & translation efficiency of different elements
Expanded selection range - based on structural characteristics, selection range can be expanded to obtain better clones

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