• 300m2 Upstream Process Development laboratory
  • More than 30 sets of 2L~50L bioreactors, more than 10 shakers, equipped with a full set of multi-brand cell counters, blood gas analyzers, biochemical analyzers, osmolality analyzers, welding machines, tube sealing machines and other supportive equipment
  • Experienced development and production teams, with project leaders with 8~15 years of development experience
Case Study

Cell culture processes development utilizing DOE principles

Round 1: DOE setup: 3 factors (seeding density, temperature, total feeding) & 2 levels. Factor B "temperature" revealed to be the only significant factor

Round 2: Exploring optimal temperature control strategies for shake flasks. Under optimal condition, the expression level reaches 11.21g/L, exceeding the desired target titer (10g/L)

Round 3: Assess reproducibility of the shake flask process. Scale-up & process confirmation in 3L bioreactors

Round 1 Expression level

Round 1 Analysis

Round 2 Expression level for defining the optimal temperature control strategy

Round 2 Analysis

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