Optimizing productivity and consistent quality are among the key considerations in the development and manufacturing of large therapeutic biomolecules. OPM is your trusted partner with extensive experience in tailored cell culture medium development, optimization and large-scale manufacturing. Our cell culture medium development service is fast, flexible, and able to fulfill specific needs of different cell lines and different projects.


OPM has successfully helped 60+ of our partners improving the expression level and optimizing the quality of their recombinant proteins and therapeutic antibodies, supporting them to achieve their commercial goals.

What we do for you:

  • You need

    Quality optimization of your recombinant proteins and antibodies, such as glycoform, charge distribution and structural integrity

    Increasing the expression level of your recombinant proteins and antibodies

  • Our solutions

    Analysis of critical quality attributes of your antibodies

    Analysis of relevant data

    Media and feed design (DoE)

    Evaluate media performance and quality

  • You will get

    Significant improvement in expression level

    Improved product quality

Case Study

Achieving 2.5-fold of expression level for our client


  • CHO-K1 cell line,GS selection system
  • Customized development of medium and feed lead to an increase of antibody titer from 2.68 g/L to 6.5 g/L
  • Core quality attributes(Glycosylation pattern, acidic & basic species, activity)are comparable with the reference antibody
  • OPM offers media optimization services. Please help me understand the procedure.
    • We have two media optimization modes: 1. consultative (the cell line/clone will NOT be passed to OPM, and all wet experiments are done by the client), and 2. all-inclusive (cells are passed to OPM, wet lab experiments are done at OPM's process development lab). Generally,there will at least 3 rounds of wet lab experiments: basal medium screening in shake flasks, feed screening in shake flasks, and 3L bioreactor validation. Business process: 1) CDA between the two parties, 2) evaluation of process parameters and technical requirements, process development plan and quotations, 3) cell line and/or process technology transfer, original process validation 4) media optimization.

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