OPM is proficient in the customization of cell culture medium of a variety of different cell lines (CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44, CHOZN, etc.). With customized media solutions, we help our partners increase protein titer, improve protein quality (including glycoforms, charge distribution, aggregation and fragmentation, etc.), and reduce cost.

Product characteristics:

  • 20-year experience in cell culture medium development
  • Provide customized media to 60+ clients
  • Unique high-throughput screening platform: Products delivered within 3~6 months
  • Reliable and traceable data recorded by the online process information management system
  • Product validation conducted in 3L ~10L bioreactor to ensure the performance on the scaled platform
  • Coherent tech transfer to OEM service when needed
  • Advice on the downstream process development
  • Superior intra- and inter-lot consistency (RSD<5%)
Case Study

Achieving 2.5-fold of expression level for our client


  • CHO-K1 cell line,GS selection system
  • Customized development of medium and feed lead to an increase of antibody titer from 2.68 g/L to 6.5 g/L
  • Core quality attributes(Glycosylation pattern, acidic & basic species, activity)are comparable with the reference antibody
  • OPM offers media optimization services. Please help me understand the procedure.
    • We have two media optimization modes: 1. consultative (the cell line/clone will NOT be passed to OPM, and all wet experiments are done by the client), and 2. all-inclusive (cells are passed to OPM, wet lab experiments are done at OPM's process development lab). Generally,there will at least 3 rounds of wet lab experiments: basal medium screening in shake flasks, feed screening in shake flasks, and 3L bioreactor validation. Business process: 1) CDA between the two parties, 2) evaluation of process parameters and technical requirements, process development plan and quotations, 3) cell line and/or process technology transfer, original process validation 4) media optimization.

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