OEM Media Manufacturing Services

Based on the rich experience in media development and large-scale production, OPM provides OEM service of cell culture media with client's recipe.

Product characteristics:

  • Strictly Confidentiality

  • Quality System

    • Certificated by TÜV NORD as per ISO9001:2015

    • Facilities operated under full GMP guidance

    • Materials conform to ChP/EP/USP/ACS/BP/JP or company standards

  • Capacities

    • Dry Powder: 1-2000kg/lot

    • Liquid: 1-2000L/lot

  • Fully Informatized and Automated

    • Reliable and traceable data recorded by the medium production process with information system

    • Small and uniform particle size of dry powder

  • Customized QC Service

    • Appearance

    • Solubility

    • pH

    • Endotoxin

    • Osmolarity

    • Bioburden

    • Sterility

    • Qualification & Quantification of Specified Components

  • Consistent Quality

    • Intra-lot & inter-lot RSD<5% in cell performance assay

  • Short Lead Time & Safe Supply

    • Facilities: ≈8000m2 cell culture medium manufacturing facilities are built at 2 sites

    • Supply chain: In addition to the major suppliers, OPM has 2 or more qualified suppliers for each and every raw and packaging material

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