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OPM-CHO Platform

  • CHO Cell Culture
  • CHO Transient Transfection
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
AltairCHO DPM C670226 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
AltairCHO Medium C673017 Liquid 1000mL
AltairCHO Feed DPM C679332 Dry powder 10L
AltairCHO Feed C675219 Liquid 500mL
VegaCHO DPM P106390 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
VegaCHO Medium P121662 Liquid 1000mL
VegaCHO Feed DPM P120826 Dry powder 10L
VegaCHO Feed P134305 Liquid 1000mL
StarCHO DPM P226718 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
StarCHO Medium P225082 Liquid 1000mL
StarCHO Feed DPM P224028 Dry powder 10L
StarCHO Feed P223635 Liquid 1000mL
CDFS36 DPM C672069 Dry powder 1L//10L/50L
CDFS36 C217836 Liquid 500mL/1000mL
OPM-CHO CD07 DPM P091307-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO CD07 DPM P091307-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-CHO CD07 DPM P091307-100 Dry powder 100L
OPM-CHO CD07 Medium P081307-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO CD063 DPM C483260 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
OPM-CHO CD063 Medium C602502 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO CDP9 DPM P091909-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO CDP9 DPM P091909-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-CHO CDP9 Medium P081909-001 Liquid 1000mL
CHO CD052 DPM C524031 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
CHO CD052 Medium C522032 Liquid 500mL/1000mL
OPM-CHO CDP3 DPM P091863-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO CDP3 DPM P091863-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-CHO CDP3 Medium P081863-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO CDF18 DPM F091718-001 Dry powder 1L
OPM-CHO CDF18 DPM F091718-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO CDF18 DPM F091718-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-CHO CDF18 F081718-500 Liquid 500mL
CDF056 C504219 Liquid 100mL/500mL/1000mL
CDF056 DPM C514135 Dry powder 10L/50L
OPM-CHO PFF05 DPM F91279-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO PFF05 F81279-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-ACA S0907001-100 Liquid 100mL
OPM-GAL+V2 S081912-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO CDF11 S2001-100 Liquid 100mL
OPM-CHO CDF11 S2001-500 Liquid 500mL
OPM-CHO CDF11 S2001-001 Liquid 1000mL
CDFS05 DPM C216105 Dry powder 1L/10L/50L
CDFS05 R180067 Liquid 250mL
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-CD TransCHO DPM P93059 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
OPM-CD TransCHO P83059 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO ProFeed P81279 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO CD08 DPM P091308-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO CD08 DPM P091308-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-CHO CD08 Medium P081308-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-CHO PFF06 DPM 1275F05-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-CHO PFF06 1265F05-001 Liquid 1000mL

OPM-293 Platform

Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-293 CD03 Medium 81070-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-293 CD03 DPM 91070-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-293 CD03 DPM 91070-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-293 CD05 Medium 81075-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-293 CD05 DPM P688293 Dry powder 10L/50L/100L
OPM-CD Trans293 P82019 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-293 ProFeed F081918 Liquid 100mL
OPM-293 ProFeed DPM C228293 Dry powder 10L
OPM-293 ProFeed F081918-001 Liquid 1000mL

OPM-Hybri Platform

Name Cat No. Form Volume  
HybriSFM-P1B  DPM H091801-050 Dry powder 50L
HybriSFM-P1B  DPM H091801-010 Dry powder 10L
HybriSFM-P1B H081801-001 Liquid 1000mL

OPM-Vac Platform

  • Vero
  • LMH
  • BHK21
  • PK15
  • ST
  • MDBK
  • MDCK
  • Insect Cells
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-VERO SFM6C3 DPM C210863 Dry powder 50L/100L
OPM-VERO SFM6C3 Medium C216306 Liquid 1000mL
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-LMH SFM1 DPM C679018 Dry powder 50L/100L/500L
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-BHK SFM3 DPM V001203-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-BHK SFM3 DPM V001203-010 Dry powder 10L
OPM-BHK SFM3 Medium V001103-001 Liquid 1000mL
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-PK15 SFM1 DPM V004201-100 Dry powder 100L
OPM-PK15 SFM1 Medium V004101-001 Liquid 1000mL
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-ST LSM03 DPM V005208-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-ST LSM03 medium V005108-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-ST SFM3 DPM V005203-010 Dry powder 10L/100L
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-MDBK SFM1 DPM V002201-050 Dry powder 50L
OPM-MDBK SFM1 DPM V002201-100 Dry powder 100L
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
OPM-MDCK SFM1 medium V003101-001 Liquid 1000mL
OPM-MDCK SFM1 DPM V003201-010 Dry powder 10L
Name Cat No. Form Volume  
StarInsect Medium P161528 Liquid 1000mL

Classical Media

Name Cat No. Form Volume  
DMEM P150509 Dry powder 50L
DMEM Basal Medium(1X) P081702-001 Liquid 1000mL
DMEM/F-12 C227012 Dry powder 100L
RPMI 1640 DPM C211640 Dry powder 100L

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