To sufficiently support your pre-clinical and clinical phase I & II tests, our 200L /500L production line provides the optimal mixture of speed, quality and quantity. We already have successfully completed 30 batches of bulk product solutions. Some of the produced clinical samples have been used for clinical trials in China/US/Australia.

Case Study


Scale-up of upstream cell culture processes: The upper left figure shows consistent performance in cell growth, viability, product expression and product quality in different bioreactor scales (2L, 10L and 200L) .

Scale-up of downstream purification processes: The upper left & the bottom figure shows consistent performance in impurity removal by three-step-chromatography in different scales (2L, 10L and 200L).

Technology Transfer

To ensure successful transfer of technologies and processes for reproducible cell growth, protein expression and quality, our established technology transfer process and experienced project managers provide professional partnership from the very beginning of the project.

Consistent manufacturing of multiple batches

To ensure your business continuity, our consistent manufacturing process deliver reproducible product quality and quantity. The data below show that 9 batches of 500L production deliver consistent cell growth, metabolism, protein expression and product quality.

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